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Free Up To Participants User Per Month

Download Now Free Company Culture Code Template Will employees return to the office? To explore whether or not employees will. Return to the office in 2021I starte by. Surveying 496 marketers and aske the question  If given. The option to go back to your physical. Workplace in 2021, will you return or continue to work remotely? The results were split roughly in half. 40% of marketers will continue to work remotely full-time — and the remaining 11% don’t have the option to work remotely, but wish they did. However, that leaves 49% of marketers who do want the option to work in an office space, at least part-time.

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Let’s break down that 49% for a second: out of that 49%, 24% of marketers don’t have the option to work remote, but prefer their office space anyway; 9% want to return to the office as soon as it’s possible to do so; and 16% prefer a flexible scheule so they Vietnam Phone Number have the option to do either. hubspot data 2-min Image Source Other research supports this trend. Pew Research Center surveye over 10,000 U.S. adults and found 54% of workers want to continue working from home after the pandemic ends. A third echoe they’d like to work remotely at least partially — while just 11% said they’d like to return to the office full-time. HubSpot’s employee data highlights this shift as well.

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With many employees now preferring remote work over in-office — in fact, two-thirds of HubSpot employees plan to work remotely more often even after offices re-open, and approximately 16% plan to shift to fully-remote for the first UK Cell Number time. I spoke with  Meaghan Williams, HubSpot’s Remote Work and Inclusion Program Manager, to get a better sense as to why many marketers may want to remain remote even after the pandemic has ende. She told me: “Before COVID-19 force everyone to work from home, a ‘work from home day’ for an office-base employee was often scheule on a day where perhaps they had appointments, deliveries, or weren’t feeling well.

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