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Through this article we have explained to you the reasons

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Through this article we have explained to you the reasons

The symbolism of the logo When we discover the Carrefour logo for the first time, we see in particular two arrows: one red and one blue. Through this interpretation, Carrefour shows that the brand is always moving forward. The colors blue, white and red symbolize France. Graphic designer blog Are you looking for a graphic designer to create a logo? Check the prices of our logo packs by clicking on the button below. SEE PRICES The hidden letter But now, in reality the Carrefour logo does not only show arrows. Indeed, if you look closely at the center, we can notice the letter representing the initial.

The logo was created following a collaboration between

The first director of the establishment and Jacques Daniel, a graphic designer. Graphic designer blog Modernization of the Carrefour logo The Carrefour logotype was born many years ago and in 2009 the logo was modernized, while retaining its symbolism and serif typography. The director of the communication and marketing department Logo Designs Service had also confided in the subject of the chosen typography: “It’s the lighter, more modern typography that has refreshed Carrefour’s image and refined the logo. The reading of the logo is also more obvious for consumers thanks to the typographic resonance between the of the graphic symbol and the first letter of the written name.

It can be interesting to work with a community

Logo Designs Service

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